an online
BOOKING ENGINE software for a Hotel placed on its




that facilitates REAL TIME ROOM BOOKING FACILITY for Hotel Guests
... and not just that ...
It provides Tools and Analytics to 'CONVERT VISITORS TO GUESTS’
... and finally ...
It is a Software Solution that helps a Hotel to 'SELL MORE ROOMS'

with eZeeLINK

  • Sell more rooms using your OWN HOTEL BRAND
  • Track the online behaviour of your prospective GUESTS
  • COMPETE & WIN over other third party sales channels
  • Offer different Occupancy Percentage based DEALS
  • Respond INSTANTLY to your guests while they are online
  • Save on COMMISSIONS paid to third party SALES CHANNELS
  • DIRECT CONNECT with your guests

last but not the least

  • We can be your one point professional Revenue Management Partner
With eZeeLINK - Maximize your “Hotel Room Revenue”


  • Customizable look & feel
  • Admin Application for Rate, Inventory, Payment, Reservation & Deals management
  • Channel Management - Rooms & Rates Management
  • Apply Booking restrictions like 'stop selling', 'close out', etc.
  • Effective Customer Loyalty Program
  • Travel Agent & Corporate Client Management


  • Dynamic & instant Configuration & Management of Deals
  • A Deal Zone POD that scrolls the available deals on your website
  • Supported Deal Types:
  • Seasonal Discount Deals
  • Hotel Compliments
  • Hotel Partners Compliments
  • Inclusion Deals
  • Come Back Offers
  • Non-refundable Price Deals
  • No Cancellation Fee Deals
  • 24 Hour Check-in/out Deals

Guest Visit Tracking and Follow-Up

  • Integration with Google Analytics Data for your website
  • Centralized Operation for Guest Follow-up:
  • Online Chat
  • Phone Call
  • Instant Discounts during Guest Follow-up

Analytical Reports

  • Primary Analysis Reports - Hotel Page Rank and Website Visitor Access Reports
  • Business Enhancing Analytical Reports:
  • Rate Parity Reports
  • Loss of Revenue Reports
  • Customer Online Behaviour Reports
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty Reports
  • Follow-up Comments
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We offer "Accelerated Revenue Management Service (ARMS)"

Primary Analysis & Recommendations know more
Business Enhancing Analytical Reports know more
Promotion and Offer Management know more
Loyalty Cards know more
Exclusive Yield & Channel Management Responsibility know more
Outsourced Reservation Management Services know more
eZeeCLOUD Sales Channels know more
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